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New Tennikoit GB Website Revealed After Revamp

New Tennikoit GB Website

The brand new Tennikoit GB website has been launched as the new online hub to all things tennikoit in Great Britain. The month long revamp, which was tackled in-house, has brought together key information and resources for players, coaches and clubs alike. 

The new Tennikoit GB website now plays host to the national governing body’s membership system, coaching pathway centre, and the Team GB program. Players who are looking for a club to join can use the new find a club tool.

Building Foundations

Speaking about the new Tennikoit GB website, the national governing body’s chair, Dave Scotford said: “We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the past month and we’re really pleased to launch the website. The old site was pretty outdated and didn’t do what we wanted or needed it to.

“Because it will serve as the hub for the sport for everyone in the country, there’s still more we want to add in terms of resources and information, so it’ll be an on-going process, but the foundation is there now.

“There’s a massive amount of work that’s going into the website over the next year. Coaching courses, video resources, and the full membership system all need to be added. That will help give people better and easier access to everything that tennikoit has to offer.

“It’s really important to have a proper, central hub for the sport in Great Britain. I’m really pleased that we have that now and I’m looking forward to hearing people’s feedback.”