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Get Started

Start Playing Tennikoit

If you’ve got a space to play, two people, and a ring, you’re pretty much all set to start playing tennikoit! Don’t worry too much about marking out a full size court and using a net just yet – though it’s never a bad thing to have them if possible!

Mark out a little area that’s split in half – each player (or team if there’s more than two of you) claims a half. Then you can start throwing the ring back and forward to each other. If the other player doesn’t catch one of your throws that lands inside their half, you win a point. The first person to get 21 points wins!

When you first start playing, it’s all about getting a feel for the weight of the ring, how hard you need to throw it to get the ‘right’ amount of power behind each throw, and the best way to grip the ring when catching it. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things!

Join a Team

If you’re enjoying playing – and we hope you are – then your next step could be joining a club in your local area or school. All the clubs offer chances to play, get some coaching help, and take part in events and competitions. If you’d like to find your local club, you can use the Tennikoit GB team finder tool.

If there’s not a club listed in your local area then you could always start your own! It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually a really straight-forward process. And, you’ll get lots of support from the team at Tennikoit GB too!


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