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School Clubs

Tennikoit in Schools

Tennikoit is a fantastic sport to integrate into a curriculum and after school or lunchtime club program. Tennikoit in schools promotes the development of key motor skills, and doubles and team versions of the game also give pupils the chance to work on their communication and team working skills.

Tennikoit has proven popular with students who are ‘sporty’, but it has also attracted good levels of engagement from students who previously haven’t engaged in the bigger, traditional sports. That ability to capture both groups is exciting and can be quite transformative in helping impact the approach of hard to reach students to both PE lessons and sports clubs.

If you’re looking for more information on how to set up a school tennikoit team or how to embed the sport into the curriculum then you’re in the right place!

School Teams

As a national governing body, Tennikoit GB is working with schools across the country to help them integrate tennikoit into the curriculum and also set up after-school or lunchtime clubs. At both primary and secondary level, tennikoit is an exciting sport to be involved in!

If you are looking to set up a team or after school club then you can contact Tennikoit GB with an outline of your plan and we will send you resources and guides on how to get things off the ground. They’ll also be on hand to support you every step of the way too! If you’re ready to get up and running already then you should register the club as a member of Tennikoit GB.

Tennikoit GB can also deliver hands-on coaching sessions with staff to help them develop their tennikoit skills and knowledge, and Team GB athletes can also attend to deliver sessions with school students. If you would like to see your school involved in the competitive side of the sport, the British Championships offer a pathway to representing Team GB.


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