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Tennikoit GB

Tennikoit GB is the national governing body for the sport of tennikoit across Great Britain. We manage the sport, run the Team GB program, and host the national championships.

What is Tennikoit?

Tennikoit is an energetic and fun sport that promotes hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and general fitness skills. In tennikoit, players throw and catch a rubber ring over a net on a badminton-style court.

When a player misses a catch, their opponent wins a point and the first player to earn 21 points wins the set. The first player to win two sets is the winner of the match.

Tennikoit GB Staff at the Community Games in Birmingham

Why Play Tennikoit?

Boost Fitness

Tennikoit is a fun, total body work out that sees players moving around the court, lunging, and diving which is perfect for boosting overall fitness levels.

Motor Skills

Tennikoit promotes the development of a range of key motor skills like hand-eye coordination that are important for developing youngsters and adults alike.

Wide Reach

Tennikoit has lots of applications for people already engaging in sport, but is also proving popular with people that aren’t already playing traditional sports.

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Start Your Tennikoit Journey

Start Playing

Tennikoit is a fun, energetic sport that’s easy to learn and master. If you’re looking for a new sport to try, why not try tennikoit?

Become a Coach

There’s nothing more rewarding than helping players have fun and improve their skills. Why not become a coach?

Represent Team GB

Representing Team GB at a World Championship is a huge honour. Find out how you can represent Team GB.

Launch a Club

Whether you want to start a tennikoit club in your local community or set up an after-school club at your school, now is a great time to start. A new club is an exciting adventure!

You’ll have support every step of the way from the staff at Tennikoit GB, and you’ll be helping people get fit, have fun, and play the wonderful sport of tennikoit!

Tennikoit Club

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