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Become a Coach

Tennikoit Coaching

Tennikoit is a really exciting sport to play and a rewarding one to coach! There’s no feeling quite like helping players to have fun, improve their skills, and reach their goals. If you have a passion to help players learn and grow and you enjoy tennikoit, then becoming a coach is a great option!

Coaches are the backbone of the sport and there are lots of opportunities across the country to get involved with tennikoit – whether that’s at a local club, school, or with Team GB. This section of the website has been developed to bring together resources and information that coaches or future coaches can use to help them along the way.

Starting Out

The first step that most people take in their tennikoit coaching journey is getting some experience at a local club as a volunteer. That can be anything from helping existing coaches to set up practice sessions to helping to run the session alongside that coach.

If you would like to get some experience with a local club as a volunteer, you can find a list of clubs on the find a club tool of this website – just send the club an email and let them know you’re interested in getting involved. If there isn’t a club that’s local to you, contact us and we’ll be able to guide you on the next best steps.

Once you get up and running as a volunteer with a club, the next step on your coaching pathway is to become a member of Tennikoit GB. Membership gives you a unique ID number that’s used to track your career through the sport, and acts as a place where your coaching qualifications can be logged to.

Coaching Qualifications

The coaching qualifications that have been developed by Tennikoit GB help make sure that the standard of coaching that’s delivered to players across the country has an element of standardisation and that level is kept high. All players deserve high-quality coaching and support from their coaches.

There are two different levels of coaching courses: foundation and advanced. The foundation course will officially launch in the Autumn of 2022 while the advanced course will be made available from January 2023.

The foundation course is a free online course that’s open to anyone and everyone with an interest in the sport and is available via the Open University. The course is roll on and roll off, which means you can start the course whenever you’re ready, and there are no entry requirements. The course will take you through the basics of the sport, coaching principles, safeguarding, and also provide you with an arsenal of coaching and practice drills that you can use in your tennikoit coaching sessions.

The advanced course is an in-person qualification that’s delivered by a tutor to a group of coaches who have already completed their foundation level course. The course aims to give coaches a deeper understanding of the sport, goes through in-depth coaching principles and helps coaches to develop their practice while also getting them to look at their current approach critically. Completion of the course officially licenses you as a Tennikoit GB approved coach.


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