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Team GB

Represent Team GB

Representing Team GB at tennikoit is a major honour and one that many players hope to achieve. Being able to wear the national jersey and represent Team GB at a world championship is the highlight of many players’ careers.

As the national governing body, Tennikoit GB has set the criteria that a player needs to fulfil before they can be selected to represent Team GB. There are different criteria for world championship events and other international events.

As well as meeting the set criteria below, if you would like to represent Team GB you must be able to meet at least one of the following criteria:

– You were born in England, Scotland or Wales
– One or both of your parents were born in England, Scotland or Wales
– You have lived in Great Britain for at least one year and continue to do so

If you are selected to represent Team GB, you will be asked to provide evidence that you meet one of those three conditions.

World Championships

The tennikoit world championships are the absolute pinnacle of our sport. Players from across the world come together to compete to be crowned as the world champion and claim glory for their country. Team GB competes at world championship events.

Selection to represent Team GB is usually secured through either performance at the British National Championships or via a direct invitation from the Team GB coaching staff. In 2020, 2021, and 2022, while the covid-19 pandemic is affecting sports and events, receiving a direct invitation is the only route to Team GB selection that is available.

To secure a direct invitation from the Team GB coaching staff, you will need to attend a trial session with other players. Contact us to find out more information about the next trial session that you can attend.

Selection via performance at the British National Championships would see players who win one of the events automatically secure Team GB selection. Events on offer at the British National Championships include the men’s and women’s singles and doubles and also the mixed doubles events. Junior (11 years old and under) and Youth (16 years old and under) events are also run.

Other Events

There are other major international events that Team GB competes at. Team GB will select players to compete at national championships held in other countries and international open events too. Some of the events will be treated as opportunities to give promising and talented players the experience of competing on an international stage, while others will be used as preparation for other major competitions.

Decisions on who represents Team GB at events other than the world championship are made by the national team’s head coach. They have sole and final decision making power, but they may take into consideration the opinion of other national-level coaches and staff.


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