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Rules of the Sport

Rules of Tennikoit

The rules of tennikoit are really simple and easy to understand. That means players can grasp the game really quickly and get playing in almost no time at all! With simple rules and not much equipment needed, tennikoit is often seen as a really accessible game for players of all ages.

In tennikoit, players throw and catch a rubber ring over a net on a court that’s laid out in a similar style to a badminton court. Most people who are just getting started out in tennikoit often use a badminton court if a specialist tennikoit one isn’t available.

When a player misses a catch, their opponent wins a point and the first player to earn 21 points wins the set. The first player to win two sets is the winner of the match. However, sets are usually limited to be just 30 minutes each. That means if 21 points aren’t won by a single player within 30 minutes, the winner of the set is the player who scores the most points.

There are some other key rules of tennikoit that you need to know:

– Players can only catch or throw the ring with one hand
– The transition between catch and throw should be smooth (no zig-zag)
– The ring can’t wobble too much when it’s thrown as it should be smooth
– The ring can’t be thrown straight downwards, it must start by going up
– The player who wins the point makes the next serve from the court’s baseline
– Players or the ring can’t touch the net for any reason

Advanced Rules

The full rules of tennikoit are sometimes called international rules. The international rules have been developed by the world governing body and are used at events like the world championships. All the events that are run by Tennikoit GB also use the international rules.

Tennikoit GB have been developing a version of the sport known as SpeedKoit. The SpeedKoit version of tennikoit sees matches played with the same rules as the international rules but without a net being used. SpeedKoit is being developed for play specifically within schools to help make the sport accessible to more people.


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