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Our Role

Tennikoit GB’s Role

We are the national governing body of tennikoit in Great Britain and a member of the World Tennikoit Federation (WTF). Tennikoit GB’s role means we are responsible for the management, promotion, and development of the sport from grassroots to the elite level across the country. We’re also responsible for running the official Team GB program.

As the national governing body, Tennikoit GB’s role across the sport is varied, but broadly it includes:

– Launching and running campaigns to encourage people to take up the sport
– Supporting clubs and schools in setting up and running tennikoit programs
– Running skills programs for coaches who support clubs and schools
– Organising and sanctioning official events, competitions, and leagues
– Running and hosting the official national championships each year
– Managing the official Team GB program and infrastructure
– Managing the relationship with the WTF (the world governing body)
– Developing relationships with stakeholders across the sporting landscape
– Campaigns to raise the profile of the sport with local and national bodies

Future Development

Once every five years, Tennikoit GB publishes a plan that lays out what the organisation is looking to achieve in the following years. The plan often focuses on a specific area of the sport, or multiple areas, such as community club infrastructure development or developing and improving club to country player pathways.

The 2021-26 plan sees Tennikoit GB focusing on increasing participation in the sport across the country. The plan is focused on working with schools to launch and grow after school clubs and embed the sport into their curriculum while also working with community clubs to launch and grow tennikoit teams.

Each of the five-year plans are guided by Tennikoit GB’s role of management, promotion and development of the sport and are put together by the organisations leadership team.


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