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National Tennikoit Membership System Launched GB

New System Launches

Tennikoit GB has announced the launch of a new national tennikoit membership system. The new system aims to bring together coaches, clubs, and players into one unified platform.

The system, which is free to use, grants players and coaches a unique ID which tracks their progress through the sport. It also attaches them with the club they are a part of. However, unattached players and coaches (who are not part of a club) are also eligible to sign up.

Players can to use their ID number to enter official events and competitions, like the British National Championships, and having an ID number is one of the requirements of players who want to represent Team GB. Meanwhile, coaches and other volunteers can attach their first aid and safeguarding qualifications to their ID number.

Clubs will benefit from the system as they will gain access to support and resources from Tennikoit GB based on their registered player and volunteer numbers. It will also help clubs identify any gaps in qualifications held by their volunteers.

Exciting Step for Tennikoit GB

Speaking about the system, Tennikoit GB Chair Dave Scotford said: “This is a really exciting step for us as a national governing body. I’m excited! It will allow us to bring together the whole tennikoit community from across the country. It will also help us give the clubs, the volunteers, and the players the support they need and deserve.

“It’s also an important step because it means we can take the first national snapshot of who exactly is taking part in our sport. The information that the snapshot gives us will mean we can make the best decisions possible when it comes to the support and resources we put into each region of Britain and where we need to put more support in place.”

To find out more about the new national membership system visit the join Tennikoit GB page.